Ode to a Customer

NO ONE in this entire world understands how much I hate being a waitress. I really hate it. I hate the drunk people, I hate people shouting my name because it’s on my badge. I hate awkward people who want green tea instead of the tea I have in the pot in my hands.

I hate it.

So here’s a short poem to show you what I hate about waitressing! Enjoy!



To the man that day,

Who slapped me on my ass

for a laugh


To the woman who shouted

Across the room at me

for more gravy


To the manager, and the code we go by:

‘You are always wrong,

And THEY are always right.’



and restaurants,

and functions galore:


This ode to a customer

is to show

What we’re for.


Don’t snap your fingers,

Stomp your heel. Or shout

across the rooms


Look around the room,

Look in our eyes,

Treat us like a person!


If something comes,

and it’s not quite right

I’ll gladly fix it for you.


Don’t be mad,

or vain or proud- it’s only food

Which’ll be forgotten by morning!


When you’re drunk-

that’s fine of course!

Just don’t get overly handsy


Because the barmen will,

Stand up and take you on

If they see the need


Rule number one:

Don’t be rude.

Don’t forget, we’re in charge of your food!




Book Review: The Ice Twins by S. K. Tremayne

The perfect London family; a wife, a husband, their beautiful twin daughters and their pedigree dog. Living in a dream, the family are almost envied for their perfect image. That is until tragedy strikes the family and one of the twins is killed.

The beautiful bubble the family were living through pops and suddenly the world is a darker and more sinister place. In a bid to save their marriage, Angus and Sarah Moorcroft move their surviving daughter to the remote family Scottish island, Eilean Torran.

The unpopulated island brings forth more suffering for the family and leaves mother Sarah with the unbearable question: which twin died that day?


Tremayne writes with quick efficiency and holds the reader’s attention until the last page has turned. I read this book in one day- 375 pages. I literally could not put it down. The book is captivating and with every chapter you are left wondering ‘What does this mean for the family,’ or ‘What is going on here?’

The book is filled with urgency and fear as the couple attempt to ignore the past and move on with their lives. But when their surviving daughter begins to show signs of a mistaken identity, the past consumes the family as they try to find evidence of which daughter is living with them, and what really happened to this family.


I would give this book 4 and a half stars out of 5. This book completely captivated me and in fact made it difficult for me to think about anything else until it was finished.

However, there are some parts of this thriller that still confuse me. But I am sure that a second reading of the novel would clear the confusion I have. I would highly recommend this book. Especially for anyone looking for something to read over the last of the Easter holidays!

New Thing Thursday!

Anyone who read my post Thesis Blues they might know that I have found that my body is seriously suffering due to the amount of takeaways, instant meals and lack of water that is coming into my system due to my Masters.

Now I know, ‘you are what you eat’ and ‘insant food or ovens is a sign of laziness’ but I literally don’t even have the time to shower (I do, but I don’t have the time to spare!) and so I eat what I can make that I don’t have to spend ages at or chopping or preping. Something I throw in and it’s done.


However, one of the many bad sides to these quick dinners is how they make your body feel. They may quieten the huger daemon somewhat but often within hours you are left feeling bloated and unhealthy.

In a bid to save my body I have found some really amazing detoxes. I have been on the orange, lemon and lime one for your tummy for the past two days and I feel so much better than I have in a long time!

So these are the detoxes I found on Pinterest thanks to Super Skinny Me


I gotta say there is such diversity in flavors and uses in these different detoxes.

So what do you eat/ drink to make you feel healthy and well? What helps you to have a positive body? Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to learn more ways of keeping my body and mind well with food!

Thesis Blues

I once had great expectations for this blog. I thought that it would be like the diary I also haven’t looked at in over a year and a half. I thought that I would be able to document the length and breath of my journey to my dream career. But of course that hasn’t happened.

Instead I have become over worked, over tired and just overly stressed in general.

My whole life has been taken over by my MA. I know that that’s what happens, but I didn’t expect the course to get in the way of absolutely everything.

My body has suffered

My fiance has suffered

My family has suffered

My friendships have suffered

My personal time and space has suffered

Even my little puppy has suffered

When I signed up for the Masters I knew that this would be a long road. I knew that I would be giving up a life for 2 years. However, when they said “Your social, personal or family life will need to suffer for you to give your full attention to your Masters,” I didn’t really believe them.

I know, silly, right? The experts were telling me what I was getting into, yet I didn’t listen. “They don’t know me. I can juggle things.”

Turns out they did know me, and no. I cannot juggle things. At least not to the extent that I thought I could.

And to make things even better for myself, my fiance, Sean, and I decided to build a flat on my parents land to live there until we can afford a mortgage.

Between assignments, building, looking for a cheap fridge, lesson planning and then trying to train and look after a new puppy, I have my work cut out for me. More than I thought possible.

At least I don’t have a baby.

But now the end is near. I have three weeks left of my final teaching placement. I have a thesis to write and research by the 9th of May and then I have to attend a course in the Gaeltacht for two weeks. Then I am home free. The thought of this elevates me!

This will allow me to come back to me. Not this robot who wakes, works, sleeps and works in her dreams. I am almost there. I know I can do it. It’s really just a waiting game now.

I need to calm, breathe and de-stress. And stop eating takeaways!

Characters of Public Transport

I am currently using public transport. Like right this second. I’ve used public transport an awful lot over the years, from when I was young, until now.

As it’s the holiday season, there are LOTS of people on the buses I get from Carlow to Dublin an back again. But, if you travel as much as me you might notice that most public transport journeys have the following types of people;

1) the Newbie: that person who insists on pushing past you to get on the bus first, then take 10 minutes trying to figure out where they’re going, how much it is, when they get off… It goes on and on… These people can be fine if you’re not in a rush, or more importantly when it’s not raining. If you don’t know where you’re going and it’s raining, wait at the end of the line, otherwise you will be stampeded.

2) the ‘loud music’ guy: I have to admit, this is often me. I just like having my music loud! But, if there are people right behind/in front of me I will try to keep it down. Otherwise I party on down all over the bus.
There’s actually a guy across from me at the minute who’s music is loud enough that I can hear it through my own headphones. That cannot be good for the drums, man!

3) the snorer: this is pretty self explanatory. If you fall asleep and you snore, that’s your own business, but the person beside you might end up hitting you in the ribs. Or hold your nose. But, so long as you don’t drool on their shoulder they should let go!

4) the ‘off-their-head’: I get it, drugs exist, and evidently, people take them. Whatever man , I’m not here to judge. But, taking a long drag, or line or whatever you’re calling them these days before a journey where you have to sit still for over an hour, in an enclosed space, with grumpy travellers and where you cannot fulfil your munchy needs… Well, that just sounds like a recipe for disaster if ever there was one.
Don’t do drugs, kids. The bus driver will kick you off. And we will cheer.

5) the grumpy driver: today this is not the case. In fact, the driver I have today just walked down the aisle to ask the guy I mentioned earlier to turn his music down because there are people his music is ‘blowing the mind off.’ Usually drivers don’t bother. But this one is very nice and happy.
However, both my boyfriend and I have grumpy drivers on the routes we take daily. They’re mean, ignorant and will shout at you if the bell doesn’t sound. It makes me sad.

6) the laugher: this is the last, but most frustrating person on public transport. They laugh at EVERYTHING their friend says. Sometimes the friend isn’t even there, they’re on the phone. This is even more infuriating because you can’t decide for yourself whether or not what the person said could be deemed as that funny. Control you giggles people!!

Happy travelling all! Comment if you’ve had any experiences with anyone like the above, or anyone else.

Freedom on the Messy Horizon

Here I am, sitting at my laptop after not posting for almost three weeks. Look who’s come crawling back. That’s what you’re thinking, right?

Well, I personally think I have had good reason for not coming back since my much anticipated trip to Manchester with my boyfriend.

I’m pregnant.

Ha! I kid. No, I have actually had a lot on my plate the last few weeks. I had my first Observation week in a school the first week when I came home, and since then I have been going mad trying to get an Irish assignment that refused to be written done.

But today I have submitted it, and that’s it! No more looking over grammar! Though, I must say. The actual ‘handing in’ of the essay was very lackluster. In UCD I actually had to physically hand it to someone. It was a rite of passage. I was handing my worries and awful academic writing skills over to this person I had just met. It was wonderful. All I got to do today was click a button… And as I have been typing the essay for the last two weeks, another button was not the celebratory occasion I wanted.

But hey, it’s gone now! I am officially free of college! Well.. technically not as I am meant to have college all this week. But I’m tired, ok?!

And I really want to bake!

My Mom broke her arm last week. And when I say broke, I mean she really went for it. it’s broken in three places and they think they are going to have to operate on it. Because of this my Mom is in A LOT of pain. So, I’m helping around the house… In fact, I’m kind of taking over the house. I have become a mega house bitch. I will kill anyone who leaves anything anywhere!

So, as I have had the monster of an essay to deal with, we haven’t had much of a chance to make anything nice for Christmas, so I plan on seriously indulging over the next few weeks. What an I say, I love to bake!

So, off my laptop I go, and into the world of the messy house that needs to be cleaned!

No Thanks!

I know yesterday was Thanksgiving, and to all you Americans out there, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! But, there are a few things that I find myself non-thankful for. And it’s nothing anyone else bestowed on me, but things I have bestowed on myself. So here’s the list. By this time next year I hope to have conquered even small points in each of these areas of my life.

That’s right, New Year’s Resolutions are so out right now!

  1. My lack of fitness, and motivation for it.

I have never been sporty. In fact, ever since I have started out on this journey to be a teacher, it’s the Physical Education curriculum that scares me the most. I used to go horse riding, and I did athletics for a while, but never anything overly serious.

So, this year I will aim to get fitter, and I really mean it this time! Whether it’s Zumba, Aquatics, push-ups in the morning, or even a walk or two during the week, I am going to do it! Starting next week! Yay… adding stress to an already hectic week is something I do wonderfully.

2. My self-conscious nature.

I have always been quiet, and shy. But now that I’m going into the teaching world, I have to get over it! Especially for when I’m teaching drama and art, and reading things aloud to the class. I have to get over that.

I have been gearing myself up to this by speaking out in class more, but I still end up shaking like a leaf after I make a point, which I hate. I know ‘m not aking a stupid point, it’s just the fear of people noticing me, I suppose. So, I guess that only way to get over that is to put myself out there and make myself noticed… I don’t ant all eyes on me, but I suppose all eyes of the class WILL be on me, so I have to do something to get used to this.

3. My moody nature

I don’t mean to be moody, but I am. I can blame it on the Hormone Replacement Therapy I’m on, but in all reality I’ve been on this treatment for well over a year by no, so I can’t really use that anymore. And  hate getting angry at my brother Harry just because he happened to walk into the kitchen, singing happily just when I was in the middle of writing a sentence.

I’m going to need the patience of a saint to be a teacher. I may as well start trying to acquire one now!

4. My lack of a social life

At the moment all I see is Carlow- from afar, that is. I need get a social life! Like GO OUT, make more friends, or at least meet soeone other than my computer once a week!

If I get on top of all these aspects I’ll be like:

I know these may not seem like real problems at all, but to me, I feel like they are holding me back. Please let me know if you have any tips at all for me to get going on these!